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Manga Art by Wang Su Lee
Digital Illustrations by Koen Van Mierlo
Digital Portraits by Kyrie
Beauty Shots – Caras Magazine by Jon Jacobsen
Concept Art by Wintfox
Animal Kingdom by Mark Summers
The Last “show” by Oamul Lu
Mclaren P1 Death Valley Shoot by Patrick Gosling
Forefront is lightest bike helmet with superstrong ventilated protection foam( 18Photos )
WhiteClouds creates 3D printed model of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop( 18Photos )
Vintage Photography by Andreas Heumann( 9Photos )
Ice Bucket Challenge in China( 8Photos )
My Head is an Animal – Packaging( 17Photos )
International Tattoo Expo 2015 in Venezuela( 17Photos )
Intro to 3D Printing with Cinema 4D and Makerbot( 18Photos )
20 Free Magento Themes with Premium Quality( 18Photos )
Xinwu and Monk Slipper by Feelgood Home( 22Photos )
Plattan Black Headphones( 18Photos )
Marvelous Nature Beauty Pics( 10Photos )

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Crazy Japanese Art By Yayoi Kusama( 14Photos )
6 Steps to Growing Your Photography Business Using a Recommended Vendors List( 5Photos )
In this short video tutorial by Tuts+ you can get a quick overview of how the basic sliders work in Adobe Camera Raw. It has a great demonstration using a white to black grayscale image which shows what each slider does, and which parts of your image each are affecting. There is also a good indicator of why you want to be shooting RAW format instead of JPG, showing the same corrections done on both formats and the difference the the larger RAW file makes. Enjoy the video: For more Photoshop...
Understanding the Basic Sliders in Adobe Camera Raw
Awesome Ballpoint Pen Drawings( 8Photos )
Horrible Dust Storm Photography( 15Photos )
Hidden Beauty Of Nature( 8Photos )
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